Measure and Evaluate Your Automotive Business’ Digital Marketing Strategy

With online mediums contributing to the creation of good customer bases, auto dealers are compelled to intelligently experiment with various digital marketing strategies. Hence, it becomes important for them to evaluate these strategies from the standpoint of user engagement and conversion. Having a solid analytical program in place, auto businesses can greatly improve their marketing efforts, thus, resulting in improved usability of website, user experience, brand reputation, ROI, etc.

Online data is easy to track and record
The online data created by various marketing strategies can be easily tracked and recorded. Moreover, the online data is very much accurate and genuine. This helps when truly analyzing your strategies. Also, there are many web analytical tools available that can help you analyze and measure the tracked and recorded data Platform core.

Evaluate various web metrics on a monthly basis
Evaluating various web metrics on a regular basis – we suggest monthly – is important not only for assessing the success of the campaign but also to determine spending on each campaign. Take a look at the traffic (and more importantly genuine leads) you are getting through various channels and see which is helping you the most. In general, we get traffic in 3 different ways – direct, through referrals and through search engines.

• Direct traffic
Direct traffic is the number of visitors who directly come to your website (i.e., they are already familiar with your business). Hence, website traffic speaks up for how familiar your targeted audience is with your business. On analyzing website traffic in detail, you can get information from unique visits, repeated visits, subscribers, page views per visit, time spent on each page, bounce rate, internal keywords searched, etc.

By knowing the above mentioned details, you can assess the popularity of the pages on your website, what internal keywords are searched for and what content on your site is the most popular. By knowing this you can develop related content that your visitor is looking for.

• Traffic through referrals
Analyze traffic coming from various referral sources – display banner ads, social media, article directories, auto forums, etc. Know where the back links that are coming to your website are from. Count the number of back links and also measure the quality of these back links. This will help you refine your PR and advertising strategies.

• Search engine traffic
Search engines are the gateways for your auto business to get introduced to a big chunk of your audience. Hence, the traffic from search engines is a key metric in revealing the extent of your website’s online visibility. Search engine traffic can be from organic search rankings or PPC ads. People consider SEO and PPC results to be genuine and thus, rely more on them to make a purchase or to contact a business.

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