But my passion for all that is Boston never wavered, no matter where my career path landed. Once in a while, I even had a little Boston related scoop. I covered the 2008 ALCS for the Sentinel and did not cheer in the press box, especially after the Red Sox lost Game 7..

Aren asking for handouts, we just want to be competitive with our counterparts who are selling the same commodity as we are on the world markets. Largest market for soybeans, accounting for 64 per cent of a total US$21.4 billion in American agricultural products sent to the Asian nation. Canada also counts China as its largest export market for soybeans, taking 40 per cent of the nearly five million tonnes shipped to international destinations last year..

We almost at the halfway point of season. That the name traditionally given to the first sixty days of each calendar year where Canadians are encouraged to top up our RRSPs to allow us to claim the associated tax deduction on our 2017 tax return, which we will file this April.But recently, Canadians have been asking some tough questions about whether the RRSP is still a good way to save for retirement. Let me address five of the top RRSP myths we hear on a regular basis.Myth 1: There’s no point investing in an RRSP you pay all the savings back in taxes when you retire anywayWhile this is a fairly popular myth, it not accurate.

Citron Research is a scam. They post bs so that people will sell and they can buy on the dip and short. Check out their previous calls throughout the year. Business Insider reported that Nike is the top retailer when it comes to the teen demographic (Lutz, 2015). Why is this important? Because whatever it is that Nike does has enabled them to propel their products past brands that are not even in the athletic wear category. Forever21, American Eagle, Ralph Lauren and Hollister fall behind Nike even tho they carry more casual everyday clothing.

Inflation’s kind of a thing again.We’ll get a better sense of how much prices are rising this week when the Labor Department reports its Producer Price Index on Thursday and its Consumer Price Index on Friday.The Federal Reserve looks at inflation when it considers whether to boost interest rates. As inflation has picked up in recent months, the Fed has gained more slack to keep raising rates.Though inflation isn’t high by any stretch, it’s close to even with the raises most Americans are getting, wiping out any potential wage growth. The Labor Department reported Friday that workers’ paychecks grew just 2.7% compared to the same time last year.4.