An iPad can easily be inserted into the channel that wraps around the inside edge of the Ektopad. This channel provides a secure hold on the iPad and protects it in case of a bump or a drop. I would not deliberately test the ability of the Ektopad to save my iPad from a drop, but it would be comforting to know that the iPad had a chance to withstand an accidental fall unscathed with one.

Leonid Bershidsky: The failure to accurately predict the outcome of soccer games is a good opportunity to laugh at the hubris of elitebankersGoldman Sachs statistical model for the World Cup sounded impressive: The investment bank mined data about the teams and individual players, used artificial intelligence to predict the factors that might affect game scores and simulated 1 million possible evolutions of the tournament. The model was updated as the games unfolded, and it was wrong again and again. It certainly didn predict the final opposing France and Croatia on Sunday..

Looking for a bag to carry your iPad? The Nimbus Tote iPad Case is one that you may have not considered until now. If your iPad is hidden away from the light of day in a case and or in a bag it is probably not being used as often as it could be. The Nimbus is designed with a clear plastic pouch on the front.

Being part of the elite meant dressing the part. When royals decided to support their skirts with gigantic, inverted baskets, the wealthier merchant class couldn’t wait to jump on board. So much so that the Church and governments created sumptuary laws to regulate the types of clothing that would be worn depending on status and income.

I really can’t stress it enough. If you’re considering moving here you really should try to do as much research as possible. Apply for jobs if you don’t have one lined up already and see what the response is. See complete 360 degree landing site timelapse panorama herein and APOD Feb. 3, 2014. Chang’e 3 landers extreme ultraviolet (EUV) camera is at right, antenna at left.

Wanted to keep the pace strong, said Smith. Training for a marathon, so I knew I had the strength. And when it hurt on the hills, I just kept pouring it on. Hammer’s short stature hasn’t stopped her from striking fear among the state’s legislators. They’re well aware of her ability to mobilize NRA membership at election time. Hammer lobbied for employees to have the right to bring guns to their workplace and keep those guns in their cars in the employee parking lot.

The new from Cranfield School of Management in Britain shows a decline from last year the number of women ceo and the number of companies with multiple directors their boards. Ironically, UC Davis Graduate School of Management released their new annual report on the same day showing a slight from last year of women holding board seats in California companies. This got me thinking.