It’s about brands behaving in certain ways and embracing consumers. This shift is more clear than any other year that I’ve seen, and I think the Sweden piece represents an aspect of it really well. It may be controversial but it’s the behavior of the brand that people appreciate.”.

They define household income as pre tax household income, which is a questionable metric due to our tax code.We have a graduated tax system in Canada where every taxpayer files their own tax return, so there can be a big difference in after tax income between two households with identical household incomes. A household where two people are earning $50,000 each in Ontario, for example, has after tax income of about $75,840. A household where one person is earning $100,000 the same gross income as the $50,000 times 2 household has only $69,841 of after tax income.

With a similar paradigm, Experiment 2 investigated which of the alterations in visibility that characterised the suboptimal condition accounted for dogs’ inability to recognise owners. Dogs approached their owners more frequently than predicted by chance if outer head contours were visible, but not if heads were either frontally oriented or evenly illuminated. Moreover, male dogs were slightly better at recognition than females.

Of course, that’s the best case scenario for Trump. The alternative that Flynn is cooperating is not what Trump’s team wants. Flynn isn’t someone Trump’s team can dismiss as a minor player. Likes to wear fresh, cute and youthful outfits. A character who takes off in a moment notice, and plays the devil advocate. A character who is underestimated due to her scattered and erratic behaviour but solves great codes or crimes or mysteries.

But he was lucky. The stable part was crucial. There was no effect on the spinal cord. He also does a great job of advertising his new music and his tour information which I am sure bolsters his listeners and general excitement surrounding his releases. It certainly pays off as his songs consistently top billboards. In terms of what Kenny could improve upon, it is hard to say.

It’s interesting that you mentioned Georgians. I lived in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia for three years as a child, and became quite fluent in the language. You have a fascinating point about the philology of those words pointing to a possible reversal of gender norms.

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