Dr. Keith Morley, a Schulich EMBA graduate and a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, now runs a pediatric dentistry practice. He recently served as president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Now, as tech giants face increasing criticism over the addictive nature of their products, the company is releasing features that do the opposite. Facebook and Instagram, its photo sharing app, will add controls to help people measure how much time they’re spending on the sites, so they can dial it back if they want to. Users can also mute notifications on the apps for a certain period of time, or sign up to get an alert when they’ve been scrolling for too long..

Finally, to address the excuse makers. “Guys were hurt, its not his fault.” Guess what. No one cares. If he’s successful against the unheralded Williams, and few doubt that he will be, he’ll fight in October against a tougher opponent. With Tyson, of course, the best plans often come apart. Now, though, there is an urgency.

Wu was extensively involved in multilateral consultations, negotiations and conferences on a range of economic and social issues. He was a leading official responsible for handling Hong Kong SAR s ties with over 30 international organizations and the continued application of over 200 international conventions to Hong Kong SAR. Mr.

The Fargo Cass Public Health department received a state targeted response grant to the opioid crisis earlier this year. As a part of the grant, the department is distributing narcan and giving training on narcan, which includes middle schools and high schools in Cass County, Robyn Litke Sall, the department’s substance abuse prevention coordinator said. So far, more than 220 people have received the training..

I do want to be clear in my reasoning. I am certainly not saying those women learned it from men, though they might have had some notions from toxic masculinity that men always want to have sex. Either way, those women are 100% wholly responsible for their actions.

Rising interest rates push up borrowing costs for home and auto loans. If you already locked in a 30 year mortgage at the ultra low rates that have prevailed over the past several years, you were probably smart. According to Freddie Mac, 30 year mortgage rates are 3.7% on average today, compared with nearly 6% a decade ago..

You see, said The New York Times in a statement, Jeong was merely being sarcastic. She was actually mocking the racism of her Twitter detractors. She was, in effect, trolling the trolls. I using my phone as a television? That a surefire way to run through your data allotment. Fifty to sixty percent of all data consumption arises from video and social media, estimates the NPD Group Brad Akyuz. Streaming media services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus are big data drains, he says.