On how Rudy Giuliani is doing:The thing that Rudy appreciates, that it seems a lot of people don’t, is that the President will never be indited, at least as long as he is president. And I don’t think ever because I don’t really see a prosecutable case here. This has always been about impeachment from the beginning.

I more left leaning but come here for different perspectives because this sub generally seems to be pretty level headed. I have to ask, isn that exactly what Trump represents? Everything he doesn agree with or is critical is “fake news?” Calling the media the enemy of the American people. I understand the Constitutionalist Conservative ideology, I just don understand how someone who values the constitution can support Trump attack on the first amendment.

The Manafort trial is crucial to the investigation, because it will set precedents for trials going forward. If Manafort is convicted, then you could see more indictments of lesser parties or people Mueller has purposely held off on. Conversely, if Manafort walks then future trials of indictments are going to be viewed within the scope of Manaforts outcome(what was admissable in court, what was stricken from the record, what can be used in future court cases etc).

The first suspect was described as a black male, approximately five feet seven inches tall with an unknown weight, wearing a black hooded North Face sweatshirt with red lettering. This suspect displayed a silver semi automatic handgun.The second suspect was described as a black male, approximately five feet four inches tall with an unknown weight wearing a black ski mask and dark clothing. Based on the surveillance video, it appears the second suspect is wearing black and white Nike Hyperchase shoes.Both suspects were wearing what appeared to be blue latex gloves.The suspects were reported to be in their early 20s.

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said on his radio show Wednesday he believed Elliott was planning to attend the hearing. If so, it will be with the blessing of coach Jason Garrett. District Judge Katherine Polk Failla rejected all the arguments of his legal team in reinstating the suspension levied by Commissioner Roger Goodell in August..

But politicians are more comfortable dealing with complex situations that they can offer simplistic solutions to (medical care, taxes, immigration) than things like product quality, that encompass emotional and cultural factors as well as functional and economic. For the sake of our future, and our economy, we had better stay more in touch with what is going on in the world, rather than less, and one good way to do that is to compete through free trade. And as another argument, that is the future.