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During that time you are bound to get a cold, tweak a muscle, have a bad workout, or get stuck in a blizzard. These things aren the end of the world, (except possibly the blizzard If you respond properly to these blips in training they likely wont effect your race at all. This fall I took a trip to Boulder, Colorado for a Nike Trail meeting.

The first scenario is unknowable, you can predict whether a robber is willing to shoot you or not. In the second, you lose possessions and your life. In the third, you lose possessions but not your life. That has Vrvana founder Bertrand Nepveu, a gamer and engineer, excited. After 10 years of research and development, Vrvana is nearing the completion of its headset that will sell for less than US$475.Vrvana is one of several Montreal based companies creating innovative wearable technology that, by extension, allows users to gather real time insights.Neptune, for example, created the Pine Smartwatch in 2012, the world first smartwatch with a stand alone computing system. At the time, it raised more than $800,000, one of the highest amounts for a Canadian project on the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.Simon Tian developed the idea for the smart watch when he was an 18 year old student at Marinopolis College.

And when you look in the mirror there’s this one certain angle that from your perspective makes you look great. And you turn to the side and quickly go back because that’s not how you envision yourself in your head all fat with folds and man boobs and saggy arms, you like looking at yourself from “this” perspective when your shoulders are square with your chin up. Yeah this is how everyone sees me, where I’m meaty maybe even chubby but like a good athletic chubby so you convince yourself you’re ok when you’re actually not..

“I didn’t call him out,” said Thomas, who has struggled in his return from a hip injury. “I asked him why wasn’t he at the game, supporting his teammates. And then after the game, I didn’t ask him because he wasn’t there. Tapping an external community, however, will not be ideal in every situation. Many leaders will be unwilling to outsource major decisions given their egos or risk aversion. Furthermore, using the crowd for smaller decisions like picking advertising creative could be impractical and demotivating to staff.